Vagina; term found in the movie "Role Models"
can i see your whispering eye?
by tsaiduk November 08, 2008
Another name for vagina (from the movie "role models").
I want to see your whispering eye
by whiteboybum December 13, 2008
A woman's vagina.
Boy's have penises, women have whispering eyes.
by advgman December 11, 2008
Whispering eye is from the movie role models. it is a term used by laro nerds that means vagina. also it is retarded.
Guy:I like your whispering eye.
Random nerd: means VAGINA!! HAHAHA
by fuckingdie1000 December 08, 2008
"i longed for the princesses' sweet whispering eye"
by DJ&Nuds December 07, 2008

Guy: Hey girl, I love your whispering eye!
Girl: What's that?
Guy: I love you babe.

Role Models:
Augie: "Tell her you miss her whispering eye."
Danny: "What's that?"
Augie: "Just tell her."
Danny (on the phone): "Hey, Beth, I miss your whispering eye."

by jalilmdx1 December 07, 2008
Slang for vagina.
So if you get a chance, give me a call back. We can see each other. I'd love to see you...and your whispering eye.

C'mon man, aint' no whispering eye worth the stids!
by hasu drew December 07, 2008
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