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a vagina.
malachi, artice, is a whispering eye
by johnny bouyt 2343 November 09, 2008
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a vagina
her whispering eye was nice.
by mandometal December 01, 2008
1 4
Katie Carr goes to Tanner Wensman's house to get her whispering eye penetrated.

by El nino virgin islands January 27, 2009
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A whispering eye is a reference for a couche; pussy; monkey. You could put whispering eye in the place of any term for vagina and it would mean the same thing.
Augie: "Tell her you miss her whispering eye"
Danny: "and i miss your whispering eye.."
Augie laughs: "It means vagina"
-Role Models
by DS is the best in the business December 06, 2008
5 9
vajayjay; vag; pussy; vagina
i miss your whispering eye.
im about to put my hot dog deep in your wet whispering eye.
i licked your whispering eye like a lollipop.
your dick feels like heaven in my whispering eye.
by amberlynn babyy November 29, 2008
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hehehe it's a vagina! :D
I can't wait to see your whispering eye.
by WTPbmx November 27, 2008
2 6
"Man that hookup was the worst, her whispering eye was horrendous!!
by Unterberger November 21, 2008
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vagina (also see snatch)
Since you broke up with me I have missed you and your whispering eye
by sweaty ball sack November 09, 2008
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