a vagina.
malachi, artice, is a whispering eye
by johnny bouyt 2343 November 09, 2008
An old English term for vagina as stated in the new movie Role Models.
"I miss your whispering eye." -Danny, Role Models
by spensaur November 13, 2008
a vintage codename for vagina.
Bye the way, I miss your whispering eye.-Role models '08

Your whispering eye captivates my heart and soul.
by iammsam December 04, 2008
An old term meaning vagina. recently resurected by the hilarious movie Role Models(2008).
In the movie Role Models,
Danny: "...i would love to see you again, and your whispering eye. Bye.
whispering eye?"

Augie: It means vagina.
by pseudonym23943234654 November 30, 2008
Vagina. Plain and simple.
Augie: And your whispering eye! say it!
Danny: ...and your whispering eye...
Danny: Whats that mean anyways?
Augie: Hehe vagina
by Kean Fannin November 09, 2008
whispering eye means vagina based on the comedy Role Models in which this word is mentioned and later defined as VAGINA.
A: "I must say. You have a nice whispering eye."

B: "Why Thank You! You have a nice set of cock and balls yourself."
by Just Random Guy November 08, 2008
another word for vagina. on the movie role models.
hey u have a nice whispering eye

can i stick my dick in your whispering eye?

why does your whispering eye smell like cabbage?

by d spot November 08, 2008
Another word for vagina, used in the movie "Role Models"
Damnnnn, that girls whispering eye is tight!
by Anyaaaa November 07, 2008

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