A whispering eye is a reference for a couche; pussy; monkey. You could put whispering eye in the place of any term for vagina and it would mean the same thing.
Augie: "Tell her you miss her whispering eye"
Danny: "and i miss your whispering eye.."
Augie laughs: "It means vagina"
-Role Models
by DS is the best in the business December 06, 2008
A Term That Originated From The Movie Role Models that means Vagina
Hey Girl I really Miss Your Whispering Eye
by Ken Jizzo December 06, 2008
A whispering Eye is the southern most region of a woman that a man really cares about.
Frederick has not had physical contact with a Whispering Eye, ever. Frederick is "Untouched"
by psmaster December 05, 2008
A really old term meaning vagina
you're a whispering eye.
by T-Nigs.aka.Greg December 04, 2008
Mentioned in the movie "Role Models"...it means vagina
Tell her you miss her whispering eye.
by It means vagina! December 03, 2008
used in the movie Role Models, Augie says that it means vagina
"by the way, I miss your whispering eye"
by Mosie Kins November 30, 2008
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