VAGINA, from the movie role models
Kyle: can i see your whispering eye?
Shivani: I've been waiting my whole life for this moment.
by shivanisharma December 07, 2008
A very moist, lush, cream filled vagina
Person1: So what did you last night?
Person2: I got a piece of her whispering eye, IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS!
Person1: I wish someone would show me their whispering eye
by bornwong December 07, 2008
It's a vagina.
"I love your whispering eye." Role Models
by DunkinMcNut December 04, 2008
means Vagina, cunt, pussy
tell her you love her whispering eye
by ozzyfrk981 December 09, 2008
vajayjay; vag; pussy; vagina
i miss your whispering eye.
im about to put my hot dog deep in your wet whispering eye.
i licked your whispering eye like a lollipop.
your dick feels like heaven in my whispering eye.
by amberlynn babyy November 29, 2008
hehehe it's a vagina! :D
I can't wait to see your whispering eye.
by WTPbmx November 27, 2008
old term for vagina
i want to hump your whispering eye
by stardar November 25, 2008
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