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The whispering bush is a method of manipulation used mainly by people who are in positions of power (law enforcement, wealthy people, etc.). The way it is used is that such people will say many things to you through things such as foliage and building walls; generally any opaque object. This is mainly done to either deceive you into doing something that you probably don't want to do or guilt trip you about something you already did. The best ways of dealing with this are ignoring it and making fun of it. Some people have been said to think they are receiving messages from god but any sane person should know it is the man. Talking to it directly will often encourage it and is not recommended. But if you are being extorted or exploited, your human rights are being violated, or any other unlawful activity is committed then these are good things to mention.
Me: I can hear someone talking to me in my house and also wherever I go. They're playing whispering bush with me. If I ignore it long enough it will go away.
by Spamzilla July 25, 2009
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