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Using gossip and slander to stir shit up.
Ever since Casey got a raise, Missy has been waging a whisper war about him all over the office.

“If that bitch thinks she’s going to start a whisper war with me I’ll beat her ass after study hall.”
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
When a two people are arguing back and forth in a public area in a whispering tone. Since it would rude and embarrassing to let the world know what their arguing about, they whisper. Like at huge events or places of business.
*In a whisper tone at a friends wedding*
Nathan: "I know I forgot to get the peanut butter! Let it go already!"

Claire: "No, I'm not letting it go! I specifically told you which kind and where! Multiple times!
Nathan: "You know I'm forgetful! And it doesn't matter right! Just stop, I don't wanna have a whisper war with you right!"
by RagnaBlaze September 25, 2011
A Farting Competition
It smells awful in there. They just had a whisper war.
by xcvr1 July 01, 2009

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