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Just one of the many alter egos displayed by the infamous Steven Burkemper, used in reference to the master of disaster himself, after he has consumed way too much Whiskey. (Perferably Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon). One can find this colorful character frequenting Grateful Dead or Grateful Dead related parking lots, and in certain "hippie" college towns such as Arcata Ca., Eugene Or., Boulder Co. etc. WARNING WHISKEY STEVE IS A DANGOURS PERSON! STAY WITHIN 50 YARDS OF THIS INDUVIDUAL! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES IF WHISKEY STEVE IS SEEN WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS (assailants are listed in order from most dangers): Xanax Steve, Klonopin Steve, Valium Steve
. "Dude, Whiskey Steve made an appearance last night on the lot, he tried to take a shit on top of a moving cop car. When the cops noticed him he jumped off the cruiser right onto Russo’s falafel stand." "That guy is a fuckin idiot!"
by Steve-i Rastafari March 07, 2005
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