A really obscure term for an automobile that supposedly originated from rap music. It is so obscure that most people are confused when it is used in common speech. Use of this term is highly discouraged.
Person 1: Yo dawg, peep da new whip. Ain't it bling bling? Ain't I fresh and def?
Person 2: No.
Person 3: What?
Person 4: Go away.
by Easy-N August 15, 2004
A male who is with his girlfriend, who happens to have him under thumb;control.
where's Jonno?
aw,he couldn't make it, he's out with his Whip!
by Anonymous July 22, 2003
A whip is just a car. I notice, as documented in the examples, that whip is most often used when you are talking to someone about their car.
"Friend #1: Hey, Eric, I like your new whip.
Eric: Thanks man, it's alright."

"Friend #2: Yo, Eric, I got a new whip.
Eric: Aww, foreal? What kind, man?
Friend #2: A Civic. But it doesn't work right now.
Eric: What's wrong with it? ..."

"Now I'm super-fly slick without a roof on my whip..."
-Lloyd Banks
by protectmeaura December 06, 2006
Instrument of oppression used by the whites in the age of slavery to punish uncompliant slaves.
I'll put a whip to that belligerent jungle bunny he don't fetch my pooper stick!
by Bransen August 11, 2006
A car, A cool car, your car, my car his car.
"I roll tight whips every day!"
by Tag" April 18, 2005
by D-MAN July 21, 2002
A word used to mean car. Made up by rappers because they are too uneducated and lazy to come up with lyric that just rhymes with "car".
"We need a whip"
"No, we need a car, not a whip."
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005

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