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To whimper is a small, insecure noise you make when

1. under pressure
2. before/after crying
3. scared
4. in pain
5. so excited you wanna scream. not always to good kind of excitement, can be like stress

whimpering has nothing to do with being a "wimp" but can
1. As the teacher passed out the test, Bob started whimpering nervously
2. Bob's crying faded to shaky whimpering as he kept clinging to his dead girlfriend's body
3. He was tied to a pole in a basement. Ducttape over his mouth, he whimpered
4. When she pulled the bullet from his arm, a small whimper of pain escaped his lips
5. As they waited in line for the huge rollercoaster, he started whimpering
by *the happy emo* August 15, 2011
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