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Whike is a tricycle recumbent bike with a sail. This recumbent bike can take advantage of the wind to propel itself, while still allowing cycling (if there’s no wind).

It’s a new concept taking advantage of old principles (Biking and sailing). Besides being a very green way of transport, Whiking is a new sport (to Whike).
He is whiking with an average speed of 40 km/h with his Whike
by Mikesurf May 20, 2008
(n.) 1 a poser; someone who acts like someone they aren't to either attract attention or make themselves more secure. 2 a very stupid and foolish person, often used in reference to those younger than the accuser. (v.) 1 acting as a whike; possessing the traits and/or character of a whike. other uses: whiked, whiking
Have you met Taylor, the new guy?
Yes, I have. He keeps acting like he's someone else just to get Anna's attention. He is a whike for certain.
by Chris Huff September 18, 2005