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The sound a pug puppy makes when it breathes.
I laughed as the puppy gave a cute little whiffle in my ear."
#pug #dog #puppy #snort #grunt
by Jasmine Zweifler June 07, 2007
To make unitelligble noises whilst sleeping, most commonly observed in dogs.
Rover fell asleep and began to whiffle, he must have been dreaming that he was chasing rabbits.
#mumble #mutter #sleep-talk #gibber #snore #whine
by Bob Knocker July 01, 2006
condition commonly afflicting dweebs, the ability to smell pussy, combined with an inability to locate it.
Steve Erkel has a terminal case of the whiffles.
by ToddAus August 03, 2005
A small wobbling/ fluttery motion, usually observed in adorable birds such as canaries when they're preening. Can also be used as a human word meaning to express a small amount of quiet happiness.
1) My canary just whiffled :D

2) I whiffle happily.
#wibble #wiggle #wobble #adorbs #kyoot
by JB~ March 19, 2011
The act of placing your nose in your romantic partner's ear and sniffing short quick sniffs. Like a whippet would.
The new Olympic sport in the marital arts section - the spank, hug and whiffle.
#lovey #dovey #nicey #wicey #huggy #wuggy
by More McLovin In The World April 29, 2012
to flourish a sword in sword-dancing so as to produce a whistling sound
While dancing a Strip the Willow, Hamish produced an impressive whiffle.
#sword #dancing #reel #whistle #whistling #sound
by mum61e January 18, 2012
When a mate fires a rocket launcher at you on a game but misses by inches. Created by my mate's brother, John, when he nearly got a rocket in the face on Halo.
Bloody hell, that one whiffled!
by punk_kid March 09, 2005
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