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Awkward question asked by Wanda's neighbor-aka "The lady with the TATTOOED EYEBROWS"; question asked by a FOB; other phrases may be: What your name? & Where you go?; sometimes i wonder why she doesnt just ask in cantonese, her native language... it's easier that way; the ONLY thing she can say(besides-what your name? & where you go?).
Tattooed Eyebrows lady: What your name?
Son: I thought you named me! You should know.
Tattooed Eyebrows lady: What your name?!
Son: oh... i forgot thats the only thing you can say.
Tattooed Eyebrows lady: What your name?! (Hi son.)
Son: Hi mom.
by TREEsa :D April 06, 2005

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an illiterate fob who's a 4th grader and has strong male attributes but, surprisingly, is female.
{on the phone}
fob: what's your name?
me: what's YOUR name?
fob: where you go?
me: where YOU go?
fob: where your mom?
me: where YOUR mom?
fob: wh-...
me: {hangs up}
by MANwanda April 07, 2005