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Famous quote first uttered by the great Eddie Griffin on the Chappelle Show season two episode seven. When Griffin's character, Grits N' Gravy, recites the line, the character is leaving a dice game because he has lost. The line is the character's finale. To understand the meaning of this line, one must realize that it refers to the act of defecating. When the feces begins to emerge from the anus, the butt cheeks will often part to make room. When the feces leaves the anus, the butt cheeks will close and thus "come together". Through use of extraordinary creativity and brilliant comedic genius, Griffin used his symbolic language to portray his character as "the shit". Griffin's brilliance is can be witnessed first hand as none of the audience in the show laughs.
Grits N' Gravy: When I leave, come together like butt cheeks.
by uhhhjustincase September 09, 2010