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It Means Waddup
Ayo Whats Hood Nigga? Nuffin doggie whats really hood wit chu?
by L'z November 10, 2003
108 37
It means Waddup
"Ayo Wus Hood nigga", "Nuffin nigga wus really hood wit chu"?
by L'z November 10, 2003
64 32
What's up? How are u?
whatshood dog?
by viejo chiuaha September 09, 2010
2 1
Slang term to non chanantly say 'hey good looking.'
Originated in the streets of Tolland, Ct.
Girl: Hello how are you?
Guy: What's hood?
Girl: Aww you're so kind!
by Darth Tito July 11, 2006
31 82