gay combination of the terms "whatever" and "i'm over it"

often heard in the streets of the Montoya Circle and in the WYHS hallways

used as an attempt to look chill, but only makes u look gay
Person A: u missed an awesome night!
Person B: Whatevs, I'm over it.
Person A: (thinking) wow what a chiller

Person C: (who just observed A and B)thats just fucking gay
Top Definition
Phrase uttered by the character, Gail the Snail of the TV show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Gail: Hey guys, you wanna come to my car and take a puff? I got some medical marijuana.
Dee: We’re at your dad’s funeral, Gail.
Gail: Whatevs, I'm over it, plus, if we all show up super high at the reception, everyone would be like,
by Lshikaka July 14, 2011
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