What's Gucci means what's up, what's the news, what's happening, what happened etc.
Yo what's gucci? I haven't seen you in a minute.

What's gucci with you?
by peopledosaywhat'sgucci? November 01, 2009
Top Definition
what's Gucci Is Another Catch Phrase For What's Up. Whats Good; What's real;
Those chicks right there are not whats gucci.

What's Gucci Son ?
by Rome. July 22, 2009
derived from the original rapper "Gucci Mang". the term "whats gucci" can be used to replace : whats up, how are you, or what are you doing today. it is a very hood term and is mostly used by tall skinny black kids.
-hey man whats up?
-nuthin at all bro, whats gucci wit you?
by Pootsky August 11, 2011
What's Gucci means like what's up or what's good
Mark ; "What's gewd? ... What's Gucci?"
Sibonay ; 'Chocolate, Food, Candy'
by MarkLover#1^.\ May 22, 2013
A phrase used by someone who does not know what one is talking about when the imbecile uses the word Gucci out of context.
Person 1: "How's it going my friend"
Person 2: "Erthin's Gucci my nigga, fo' sho'ly"
Person 3: "What sort of stupidity is this, what's gucci?"
by SgtSnotFlicker November 26, 2014
Asking someone what they are up to. Exactly the same thing as "What's up?"
"Ay man, what's gucci?
"Not much mane, jus chillen."
by uyKing23 March 05, 2009
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