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When grinding upon a girl, until her friends look at you with a "what the fuck face." This will cause the girl herself to turn around and give you a "What the fuck face."
Dude:Dude, i grinded on this group of girls and i totally got a What the fuck face!
Dudette:Lolz, i totes know what you mean, i so give that look
Dude: Not coolz
by President Bill Pulman June 09, 2010
17 8
A face usually given in disgust or in discontent with a situation. It involves any facial gesture that, literally, makes someone say "What the fuck?"
All through study-hall, Tiras would stare at Rebecca. Rebecca just glared over at Tiras like he was a creeper with a what the fuck face.
by Ready-Liver May 10, 2009
17 62