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A famous phrase that the creatures (a group of machinima-sponsored commentators) say, particularly kootra.
*playing a minecraft custom map and kootra misses a jump*
kootra: WHAT THE BROWN?!?
by a person aka bob June 25, 2011
An equivilant way to say what the fuck and get away with it
What the utter brown are you talking about?
by VeNtZ June 07, 2005
From the phrase "u mad bro," brown was used as a substitute for mad first by Sp00nerism. "y u so brown bro," or "turn the brown down," are phrases to express that someone is being a shit. Kootra, then began when in shock from being uber pwned will shout WHAT THE BROWN. The phrase "what the brown" is now widely used by Kootra and other creatures to express utter confusion.
Junkyard129: Yeah, she was a hot piece of flesh.

Kootra: ಠ_ಠ what the brown...
UberhaxorNova impersonated Kootra by plugging his nose and saying "What the brown," and "WHA CHE."

Guy 1: What the brown...

by charliethegentlecreeper May 29, 2011
It isnt funny, however some people use it for attention.
george said 'what the brown'...awkward
by mr.veteran March 30, 2011
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