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The "LeBron James" approach, popularized by South Park. Used in tricky situations or troublesome conversations.
DAD: "Donavan, I saw a packet of white powder in your room--"

DONAVAN: "What should I do? Should I admit that I've made mistakes? Should I remind you I've done this before? What should I do? Should I tell you I'm not a role model? Should I accept my role as the villain? Should I stop listening to my drug dealer? He's my drug dealer! Maybe I should just... disappear."

DAD: "...I'm going to go make some toast."

by JesusGodBuddha November 16, 2010
What a person says when they embarrassed themselves on a national scale, and are too vain to actually say "I'm sorry".
That guy who said "What should I do?" knows that he made an ass of himself...
by larryj November 07, 2010

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