A term used when Tumblr users go on Omegle, they can troll everyone in sight. When they stumble upon someone else saying "What is air?" They exchange URL'S and follow each other.
Stranger: Hi!
You: What is air?
Stranger: TITS or GTFO

(Your partner has disconnected)
by Heikghl November 12, 2010
Top Definition
An expression used when someone is laughing so hard that they have trouble breathing.
Ben: The word of the day is legs. Let's go back to my place and spread the word.
Kate: Hahahah oh my gosh, what is air? Hahahahahahaha!
by chochang October 18, 2010
Basically, the new HNNG of tumblr.
On Omegle:

Stranger: example1.tumblr.com
You: example2.tumblr.com

by CaraTheNinjaTurtl November 09, 2010
A phrase Tumblr users write to people on Omegle. Most people on Omegle disconnect when they see this unless they are also a Tumblr user.
Stranger: Hey
You: What is Air??!?
*Your conversational partner has disconnected*


Stranger: Hey
You: What is Air?

Stranger: Example.tumblr.com
You: Example2.tumblr.com
by keepyourflowers November 24, 2010
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