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A Chelsea is a person who deserves nothing but hate, a true stab in the back. The kind with a knife. A Chelsea is somebody who was put on this planet to set pain and suffering upon other people. She isn't somebody you'd want to be friends with. A Chelsea was brought up on white trash, Her mother was the street corner hooker, that every man in town slept with, even her brother. A Chelsea is a whore, just like her mother. She'll sleep with anything and anyone, even you.

C - Cause of death.
H - Hand Jobs, etc.
E - Enemy to all.
L - Lamprey
S - Shame
E - Evil
A - Anal Probe
Person 0 : What is a Chelsea?

Person 1 : A backstabbing, dick sucking, white trash, whore.
Person 1 : Did you see Chelsea sucking that guys dick yesterday in the middle of class?

Person 2 : Indeed!

Person 1 : Did you read what she wrote in the yearbook?

Person 2 : Indeed, I did.
by Classic Karen September 02, 2009
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