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The act of verbally acquiring responsibility for a usually beneficial task or object. When one calls "Whammy" on an object, he/she officially takes ownership and full,one-hundred percent responsibility for that object. When a person calls Whammy,it must be heard by at least one other individual or must be proven.no negotiating may be done-it is the supreme settlement of issues and may not be overruled,revoked or taken back. however,whammy may not be called if the object is already in someone else's possession, or in the event that someone else has already begun the task. Text message whammies ARE allowed.
"Whammy on the blue gatorade!"
"Hey it's mine,I Whammied it!"
"nobody heard you call Whammy so it's mine"
by Kyle Hartman September 17, 2008
The animated little red creature from the 80's hit TV game show "Press Your Luck" who takes away all the contestants' earned money everytime the contestant stopped at a "Whammy" space on the board.
Come on! BIG BUCKS! No whammies!!
by The Whammy Fighter March 19, 2004
The pretty girls fat friend
You get the whammy dude.
by elmagneto December 18, 2003
a major or otherwise regrettable setback.
The iraq war is a heck of a whammy to the whole US.
by muri April 22, 2006
WHAMMY, THE: A hex or a curse that is put on someone. Similar to giving someone the evil eye.
I ran over that old gypsy lady's dog and she put the whammy on me!
by EndoCanuck October 08, 2003
A demon that steals money.
"Shit! Get that whammy! HE STOLE MY MONEY!!" said Johnny.
by Kikaider June 27, 2003
Doodle of a penis encountered primarily on construction sites, bathroom stalls, and movie posters in the subway
Somebody drew a big hairy whammy on that Bon jovi poster!
by Archgirl79 May 25, 2012
Props to a good comeback or for a very good joke
Austin: "Man, you look like shit today."
Kerry: "Yeah, that's cause I was up all night with your mom."
Austin: "WHAMMY!"
by Sheris October 10, 2007