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Anyone who used to wear tracksuits and have now turned to jeans, Topman pumps and smaller t-shirts then their actual body size as well as sporting heavily gelled and styled hair and regularly using the sunbeds and steroids.
"Owen Woodworth is such a Wham Head."

"Adam McCabe is a propper Wham Head, His gear is 100% benzocaine."
by L39 Anti-Wham March 10, 2009
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Someone who is clueless, bears stupidity that is incomparable, and is a genuine abomination to society.
"How can you say that? Kyle, you are a total wham head."
"I wish you weren't such a wham head"
by Hayd23 November 06, 2013
A male who may be facially challenged, but dresses carefully so as to appear more attractive than he really is. A whamhead will know exactly what they are doing and will ply their craft with expertise. Ever seen the butters bloke down the boozer with a fit girlfriend? Whamhead at work.
Dude, check out that bird at the bar....
She's got a fella, he's a proper whamhead
Fuck me, what an ugly mug!

Dapper though, fair play.
by Tomdidthis December 21, 2015
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