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Something thats really awesome, coool, amazing.
Guy 1- "Lookit Garrett over there, he's ballin"
Guy 2- "Yeee, he's whalin man.

Girl- "This popcorns whalin! its so delicious"
by Paula vee February 25, 2009
When someone just goes on and on about their life story
Dora: I can't believe he did that to me again like he did that last time and the time and--
Boots: Stop whalin Dora
by minny mousey January 18, 2014
to lie about be outrageous
"man devonte just got head by two ugly girls" stop whalin he wouldnt do nothing like that he is gay
by darion mac July 10, 2008
trippin acting stupid or crazy
hey man that nigga whalin
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
getting beside your self or actin crazy or bein stupid also trippin
"ayo let a nigga borrow bout $600," I say "bitch you whalin"
by pst iono August 13, 2007
A NYC term which is used during fights (real or video game) where one party is literal beating the shit out of the other party with ease. Also the victim does not lay a finger or does minimal damage to the abuser.
Playing Fight Night

Person A: Yo wtf man your whalin on me with Ali nigga
Person B: Stfu been getting you ass whupped for 7 straight rounds for using Roy Jones
by Skip from NYC January 11, 2009
When you go on a hunt to lay the bone to a fat chcik.
Imm gonna get me some fat lovin tonight becuase I am goin whalin.
by Ali T April 21, 2003
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