1. Nemo's bestest buddy!
2. has weird conversations with nemo.
3. from whales england!
Whaley's favorite word is word!
by Kelly Spencers March 06, 2009
Top Definition
A version of Gnarley used by some Detriot area bikers back in the day
Check out my whaley new scooter.
by S_mac August 18, 2006
A girl who looks like her mother was Wynonna Judd, and her father was a Blue Whale. Also, Stephen Anderson's latest piece of ass.
EWW that girl over there is such a whaley!
by Nikkita Spanxxx June 21, 2005
a fat redhead that is ugly and ogre like, will do anything for attention, lies to get friends
man look at that ugly ass redhead shes a whaley
by 706 November 20, 2006
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