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A person who has devoted their life to the study of fat, emo, females on the internet. A whaleologist is obsessed with stalking girls on websites such as Facebook or MyYearbook. Once the whaleologist has found its species of interest, he will go after the species with all of his might. He will send thousands of texts, walk across state lines, and take five trains just to study the amount of fat on said specimens stomach and the amount of cuts on her wrist.
-"Hey! I heared you were a whaleologist?"

-"Yeah, I'm one of the best"

-"What type of whale are you studying now?"

-"I don't know I have to log on to my computer and check my inbox after sexting 500 girls"
#whale #fat #emo #hunter #marine
by The Obama Supporter February 03, 2010
a studier of whales
I want to study whales! I'll be a whaleologist
#whaleologst #studier of whales #catologist #beaverologist #dolphologist
by ronwalrus July 28, 2011
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