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The expression on someones face when yawning, which resembles a whale shark.
Buddy 1- ‘Ohh my gosh, not geometry, im so tired (*yawns)’
Buddy 2- ‘Ahh, WHALE-SHARK!’
by Pasta Boy February 22, 2010
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one of the only vegiarian sharks it's pimpin cause it can swallow you whole
whaleshark duh the whaleshark will eat you man!!!!!
by lizard0004 February 06, 2008
Youve seen em' in local clubs, bars, and hamburger stands worldwide. A whale shark is a close relative of the mud shark. Close but no cigar. She is the heftier, more robust white woman who prefers the meat of a nigg. The way that she differs from a mud shark is that weighing 300+ lbs is not stopping her from thinking she can wear hoochie clothes. Her head is usually pumped up by black men into thinking she is gods gift to this earth. Feel free to hunt these disgusting animals.
Hey you seen that whale shark? she looked like rosie o' donnel
by jermdogg September 02, 2008
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