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When in spoon with a new girl and she feels your erection bent along her butt crack. Forcing her to grind on it, leading to intercourse.
I took her home and she just wanted to curl up. Though after feeling the whale bone and squirming she gave into the inevitable.
by Graff40b February 09, 2009
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A bump of ketamine that is so big it looks like a whalebone. Whalebones are big and white and so is this huge mound of animal tranquilizer. This usually leads to falling into a k-hole depending on your tolerance.
Yo it took me forever to get into this club tonight, bust me out a fucking whalebone right now so I can fall into a hole
by the original mad hatter February 27, 2007
An adjectival noun (perhaps) describing primarily an impressively lengthy and girthy cock which happens to be attached to a really hot guy.
Girl 1 says, "Where were you last night? I looked all over for you." Girl 2 replies, "I was with whalebone and OMG! I just can't forget how huge he is."
by AvivaNYC March 06, 2008
noun, meaning or referring to lesbians and/or women resembling lesbians. plural: whale bones. past tense: whale boners. also in some cases an -ish may be added forming whale bonish.
"look at those two whale bones."


"those girls are really whale boneish."
by Austin Dixon February 10, 2007

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