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noun; whale whore: term used to describe a 'vegan fag' who tries to act badass but in reality is just an attention whore.
The reality show Whale Wars has been renamed Whale Whores by the geniuses behind South Park. The captain is a perfect example of a hippy trying to act badass but doesn't actually do anything badass.

"Wow, that liberal protester is such a whale whore."

"That whale whore should just go away, nobody wants to listen to their whining and he isn't convincing anybody."
by guywithabrain November 03, 2009
A Whale Whore is a premiscuous girl who lures a nice, timid boy out whale watching. He'll agree because the activity is safe and boring, but, little does he know... as soon as the boat leaves the dock the whale whore begins an aggressive seduction.
- Janice invited me whale watching this weekend.
- Are you gonna go?
- No.... she's a total whale whore.
by Scientist Jones July 12, 2010
A "girl" who resembles a whale in both weight and looks, who flings herself at multiple men, hoping that if she has sex with them they will forget the fact that she is crushing them with her weight
whale whore=
1. Fat prostitutes

2. many girls from my school
by whorehater2 November 05, 2010
An obese person who steals your Canadian and fornicates in your Bat Cave.
I can't believe he did the nasty with that Whale Whore! And In our Bat Cave too!!! Candians these days.
by 1 second warrior November 19, 2006
when a person, normally female, is very whorish and goes after more than 10 guys at a time
a huge whore
"i made out with tom this weekend"
"isn't this the 7th guy you've made out with this week?"
"you're such a whale whore"
by Moosey Poo April 19, 2008
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