Another name given to a drug dealer.
Look at that whack daddy on the corner
by hamghetti... September 24, 2006
Top Definition
The name given to a person who talks alot of shit.
Sam is a whack daddy
by hamghetti... September 24, 2006
The opposite of a mackdaddy. A man who tries to portray the image of a confident, suave, ladies man and is actually perceived as a poser, or a joke.

This term also applies to sugar daddies who fall short of the basic standards set forth in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. These whackdaddies will want to play the role but only for the perks associated and not because that are true sugar daddy material.
That guy over at the bar is such a whack daddy! He used the oldest line in the book to get my numbert.
by MissMisunderstoodKansas September 04, 2015
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