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1.Wha-chAH; Commonly heard as a martial art sound effect, along with 'Hiyah'.

2.The sound which non-ninjas (Or Nonjas) hear right before death.

3. The word that usually follows, or is said along with, the action of poking Spookie.
1.Amadeus poked Spookie, with a vicious "WHACHAH!!"
2. "I believe the earth was started more with a Big Whachah than a Big Bang. At least, thats what Bruce Lee would have said."
3.Spookie was walking next to a tree, when she heard "Whachah!" And all went black..
#whacha #hiyah #judo-chop #bam #bang #whatah
by AmadeusXIII October 08, 2008
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