A verbal shorthand for What The Fuck?!
e: Dude, i just smoked your last bowl.
c: Whaaaaaaa
by ming July 15, 2004
Meaning of confusion; or being surprised, not knowing what’s going on.
"why did your mother screw your sister ?" "whaa ? what the fuck did you say ?"
by Julio Aguilar January 31, 2004
An inquiry to another person to see if that person would like to partake in a game of Gears of War online multiplayer. Stated most commonly under the influence of a foregin substance.
Mike: Whaa?

Jeff: Whaa!

Mike: Whaaaaa!

Jeff: Not it, putting the game in

Mike: It's Your Turn!

Jeff: You're an asshole!
by Jeff & Mike March 08, 2007

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