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the best part of weymouth, you want anything, you come to weymouth landing. you can find everything from mids to oxycontin in weymouth landing. you want heroin? come to weymouth landing. you want piff? come to weymouth landing. what about cocaine? thats right, come to weymouth landing. weymouth landing is also well known as DUB L. the landing is full of the original hustlers of weymouth, as well as some of the most badass dogs you will ever see in your life. the landing is also know for colabros finest cuts, the freshest spot to get a line-up, lincoln square gas station, and Nicks Breakfast, were you can get breakfast at 3 am while shitfaced.
Dont walk with your head down in weymouth landing, you'll get severely beaten and raped
by 420king January 13, 2011
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