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Wexy - (noun) commonly used as a comparison to describe the sexciness of a person or object. Most commonly used among teenage school girls as a greeting or by boys as a pick-up line.
Joe is looking pretty sexy like a wexy these days.

Damn girl you sexy like a wexy!

Girl you're sexy like a wexy, named Lexi. Text me?
by Leels001 November 18, 2011
a person who wants to be mexican
Major is such a wexy.
by Eric/ Greg October 09, 2004
a white person wanting to be a mexican.
That white dude is going all wexy style on that 7-11.
by wexy watcher#1 March 14, 2005
(adj)-used to describe someone who is wet and sexy (i.e. a hot girl who just got out of the pool or a girl in a wet t-shirt contest)
-Dude, I just got the latest swimsuit edition of S.I., and i've just got one thing to say: WEXY!!!
by Mr. McScrabbler March 21, 2005
adj. See wetsexy.
That photo so hot, it's wexy.
by DanyaO September 16, 2008
Brokered radio station on 1520 kHz AM in Wilton Manors, Florida, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.
WEXY has all kinds of brokered radio programs... doctors, financial consultants, preachers, you-name-it.

At least WEXY isn't owned by Cleare Channel.
by RadioPages July 23, 2008