Usually refers to chicanos and Americans who claim to be Mexican or have Mexican decent, but were not born in Mexico. Comes from "Wannabe Mexican."
Jorge: Dude, 5 de Mayo was pretty cool this year.
John: Yeah! Viva Mexico! Independence and stuff..
Jorge: you're such a wexican...

Carlos: Hey, I'm Mexican. I'm from Jalisco. Where are you from?
Other Person: I am also Mexican. I'm from New Mexico..(WTF?)
by MexGoth November 01, 2010
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Term for a White person who is very Mexicanized, Similar to a Wigger.
Douglas is such a Wexican!
by Piranha May 21, 2009
Wexicans: Irish people from the County of Wexico, originally Wexford. No connection to the country of Mexico, these lads are just a little unoriginal sometimes ;) (Also known in continental Europe as Weiss fjord)
"Heading down to the shticks with the Wexican lads for the weekend for a bit of sun, sand and the Stores."
by Coeurduvoyageur June 25, 2006
Someone who is half white and half mexican.
Are you a Mexican American?
No, I'm a Wexican.
What's a Wexican?
I'm half white and half Mexican=Wexican.
by Willow514 April 26, 2011
a white person that dresses, talks, and acts like a mexican.
look at that wexican with his stolen hub caps.
by richie February 22, 2005
Mexican that acts WHITE, dresses like whites, listens to rock n roll, and no speako spanisho.....
David Rodriguez is a Texas Wexican
by The MEXICAN.... December 04, 2010
Noun. When a white person acts, speeks, and dresses like a mexican.
Boy 1: Hey did you see that wexican?
Boy 2: Yea that wexican should act his own race!
by synysteranna June 13, 2009

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