A terrorizer running around fucking shit up and not giving a damn
Look at wetzel go, he just flooded that dumb bitches room
by chief hot sauce dick licker ma February 22, 2010
Top Definition
To rip someone off; to jip someone out of money.
Did John Wetzel you out of your money again?
by Sajak February 11, 2013
An unanticipated split in a male's stream of urine occurring as a result of excess semen in the urethra produced in a previous instance of masturbation or sex
Ex. 1) I was caught unawares by the magnitude of my Wetzel, leading to a disastrous leakage of urine onto my bathroom floor.

Ex. 2) I missed the toilet by several feet after experiencing a Wetzel of epic proportions.
by Jwetz August 06, 2014
a total fucked up freak
why are you such a wetzel!
by bob February 28, 2005

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