Someone who has tendencies of a retard, but can still function in society.
Joe you are a wetard for buying buying a blind parrot.
by Dyne Lybs March 21, 2005
Top Definition
A person who likes to act like a retard. But does it for the fun of it and doesn't care.
Today i was nude infront of the bus, I'm such a Wetard
by Hayden Roll April 28, 2008
Delusional yet patriotic sports fan who identifies so strongly with the team he roots for, that he/she believes to have personally won or lost something, depending on the outcome of the game.
Typical "wetard" saying:

"Hey did you watch the game last night? We won dude!" or: "Damn, we lost again..."
by anti corp. February 15, 2010
Another way of saying the word "Retard", however people who cannot pronounce their R's say Wetard
Jason: You retard!
Dexter: wuu im no a wetard
by 00jace no.2 February 08, 2014
1.) Retarded term for a retard.
2.)Shows utter stupidity.
You be fugin wetard.
by Darnie March 31, 2003
see wigger
because nigger=retard
Wannabe Nigger
Wannabe Retard
by JUST ME BITCH June 13, 2004
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