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A "Wet Randy" is the when a friend drunkenly passes out on on of his or her friend's couch after a long night of drinking and SOFT SERVE shits him/herself while they are sleeping on the couch. Now, I cannot stress enough the importance of the SOFT SERVE aspect of the poop - At the very least the consistency Of the poop must be similar to that of a Dairy Queen swirl cone but preferably have the consistency of a soup poop. If you happen to crap yourself and the turd is just a general dense loaf (You know, the kind where you don't even need to wipe afterward) then you have NOT "Wet-Randyed" your friend's couch but rather you have simply crapped yourself, so go get some TP and better luck next time.
Ah, yes... That indeed is a Wet Randy, but just barely...
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When you spit inside someone's ear and blow in it, then stick your finger in the same ear and wiggle it around.
Wet Randy:

Male Version: The best sensation during sexual intercourse when the man does it to woman during doggystyle, BJs, reverse side-by-side, reverse cowgirl, & butterfly style... usually any man-on-top styles.

Female Version: The most interesting moments is when the woman does it to the man during cunnilings, pile-driver, side-by-side, & other woman fetish advantages over men during sexual intercourse.
by HalfBeard May 15, 2013
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when you lick your finger or use your tounge to wetten between someone elses finger(webbing). Mostly uncomfortable due to the moisture between the fingers forcing a wipeoff immediately.
person 1: dude i cant believe she licked between your fingers!

person 2: yeah, she really wet randy'ed me.
by jaybuckets May 24, 2011
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