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when a male ejaculates into the hair of his partner as a means of punishment or humiliation
"Laugh at my penis size again, and I'll give you a wet mop!"
by Yatzee! August 03, 2008
The wet over grown pubic hair around a woman's pussy lips.
As she gave me a soapy massage I could feel her wet mop dragging on my lower back
by inandout604 August 07, 2013
a person who is mopey and a downer, needy, and selfish. they soak up all of your attention. they are incapable of giving anything back.
a wet mop might be a man you are dating who constantly needs attention from you, but then never gives you attention back. when he is around, he is inconsistently happy/mopey. when you address to him that he is sending you mixed signals and/or tell him that he is making you feel bad based on his actions, he assumes no responsibility for his actions or inactions.
by arlabs May 30, 2010