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A mexican, like above. Not a populat term?
wetbags wear unemployed shirts all the time lol
by andy May 14, 2004
A game in which a brown paper grocery bag is set up right on the floor. Participants try to balance on one leg while bending over forward to pick up the bag by grabbing the top edge with their teeth.

No hands may be used to touch the ground or the bag. Once a round has completed, tear about an inch down off the top of the bag, progressively shortening it as the rounds continue and increasing difficulty.

Called wet bag for the amount of spit swaping, or wet from the blood of smashing your face and teeth into the ground.

Often played with a large amount of alcohol.
Jimmy broke his teeth playing wet bag last weekend.

Daniel L. is the wet bag champion.
by electronicghost September 12, 2010
An individual who resembles that of a semen soaked scrotum.
Lindsey, you're such a wetbag!
by Fablo December 21, 2005