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A man, usually unaware of his own stench due to his lack of hygiene. He will tend to look similar to a mountain man, but lives in the city. Always is a mouth-breather, and can usually be spotted if holding a banjo and wearing hipster glasses. He is very hairy, and appears wet at all times. Thus the term "wet yeti"
"Do you not see the wet yeti over at the coffee shop? Lets not go there, chances are the whole place is going to reek of cabbage and bare feet."
by ladyrae July 02, 2012
The act of sitting on another person while whipping your long wet hair across their face. Usually occurring when showing affection to one another. Sometimes causing brief periods of suffocation.
Cara got out of the shower and gave Banks a Wet Yeti to say "i love you"
by Eric's condo occupants February 04, 2011

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