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The uncomfortable result of hitting a bong filled with too much water. You get bong water on your lips, or even worse, in your mouth.
"Ohh, gross, Wet William."
"Did you still get a good hit?"
by g-rock61 November 22, 2004
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In the same family as its cousin the 'wet willy,' the Wet William is the act of punching your junk while your significant other is sound asleep, maneuvering your near-ejaculating penis up to their ear, and busting your load.
Oh that? I was bored and you were asleep, so I had no choce but to deliver you a plentiful load of Wet William.
by 1as2sy3la4 January 11, 2011
A wet william is a step up from a wet willy. Instead of licking just the tip of your index finger, you place the entirety of your finger in your mouth. Once the finger is fully moistened with saliva, you place it into someones buttox. The warmth of the rear and the moistness of the finger, in correlation to one another, create the feeling of oneness of the two bodies.
Person 1: "Oh man, those sigma chi's are notorious for giving wet williams."

Person 2: "Yea, my life and anus will never be the same."
by merced hooligans August 31, 2010
When you lick your toe and then stick it in someone's ear.
Person #1: Agh! What the fuck was that?
Person #2: A wet william.
Person #1: Great, now I have athlete's ear.
by rock_lobster July 06, 2010

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