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The process of releasing liquid defecation, (for example, diarrhea and/or the squirts), on the victim in the process of humiliation of the victim, (often by surprise), or the pleasure of both parties.
"Quick! Let's give Fred a Wet Stanley to wake him up."

"Hey Brenton, want a Wet Stanley? "
"Might grab one later."
by Mr Pancake1225 June 14, 2014
A surpurfluous situation in which a gallon of water and three rings of duct tape are used to defile someone in such a manner that words cannot even describe the horror of the event.
Man1: Wet Stanley!

Man2: Wet Stanley!

Man1: Wet Stanley!

Man1&2: WET STANLEY!!!!

Victim: oh shit
by Wet Stan September 13, 2010