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An alternate name to analingus or ass licking. A rim job.
My girlfriend must have been feeling kinky last night she gave me a wet shovel.

I blew my load real quick last night. My GF licked my bass then gave me a wet shovel.
by Chickenhouse January 19, 2014
When a guy is having sex with a girl and accidentally slips his dick out of her vagina and into her ass causing her to shit all over his dick.
Dude, me and that chick, Emily, were going at it, and when I slipped out and ended up getting the wet shovel.
by KamikazeTaxi April 19, 2010
a 8=============D, or to show up at a person's house in a panda suit and beat the shit out of them with a wet shovel
hey ladies, want a wet shovel?

r u high? u wanna die? ill kill ur family!

I wet shoveled your mom last night

adam just got wet shoveled
by BYG twitch September 13, 2010
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