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The act of pissing on someones shoe while their using a stall in a public restroom. Typically done at a bar when the victim is drunk and taking a crap. The beauty of it is they, more often than not, will not be able to catch you. Step one: Approach urinal. Step Two: Make sure no one is around. Step Three: Turn towards stall and pick target. Step Four: Piss on the victims shoe. Step Five: Run. Step Six: Tell your buddies at the bar. Step Seven: Laugh as a pissed off drunk comes running out of the restroom with his pants around his ankles and a wet shoe sloshing against the ground.
Guy 1: Hey, whys that guy running around with his pants half off and screaming?
Guy 2: Oh, I gave him a wet foot.
Guy 1: Your an ass.
Guy 2: Yea, but its funny.
Guy 1: Totally.
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 02, 2007
Someone who sticks their foot in the toilet and pisses on, so as not to make a splashing sound, and wake up their wife, in the morning
That bastard was a fucking wetfoot!
by Jeremy Z. February 11, 2004
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