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Urinating on the seat of a public washroom then leaving it there without cleaning it up.
"Who the hell left this wet dolphin here"
by bill 8888888 May 10, 2006
A douche put in a males rectum and released/ Squeezed/ opened right before he achieves orgasm.
Bob wondered if a Wet Dolphin would have a similiar effect as a prostate massage.
by Mr. S Burns June 19, 2011
When an enjoyable sexual encounter is heightened by a quick, unsuspected switcheroo from vagina to anus.
Priskey: Rumor has it you pulled the old wet dolphin last night, you sandbagging son of a bitch.

McCoy: Ya bro. I almost drowned in her pussy, so I swam to her butt.
by Jonny Tsunamii March 25, 2012