A common cousin of the wet willy, the wet billy is when a salivated finger is inserted into the anus, instead of the ear.
That girl in the skirt going commando at the party is highly likely to receive a wet billy tonight.
by TDIBSack October 23, 2009
Top Definition
V. Ejaculating on another man's penis or boxers at night to make him think he had a wet dream.
Victim: I always have wet dreams when I sleep over.

Asshole: No bitch, you have Wet Billys.
by no beard January 12, 2009
the act of cumming in another persons ear. ejaculating in someones ear. like a wet willy only with cum.
He passed out at the party so that guy gave him a "wet billy"
He missed her face with his money shot and ended up giving her a "wet billy"
by Anjo2010 June 29, 2009
When you suck your finger, make it really slobbery and stick it in a persons bellybutton.
I'm going to give him such a big Wet Billy if he spits in my food again! >:@
by ColdSauce October 03, 2010
The act of blowing your load on your partner's back, then proceeding to scoop some up with your finger and stick your finger in her ear. The ultimate Wet Willy.
After I gave my wife a Wet Billy, she had to go to her E.N.T. doctor to have her ear cleaned out.
by Heady McBigBig September 10, 2011
Licking your finger and sticking it in someones belly button.
I'm gonna give that chick a wet billy.
by FabricFresh June 15, 2016
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