People who act like Kanye West and are, in essence, uneducated, opinionated, horrible at understanding inside jokes (south park episode, gay fish), and also black.
Those Westies in our school don't understand that Beyonce is not better than Alecia Keys.

"I asked Jack if he liked Fish Sticks, he said yeah so I called him a gay fish! He didn't get it." "Stupid Westie."
by Moozle April 25, 2010
made in reference to people from west belfast mainly roman catholic, non working, hoodie wearing car stealers, also have the tendency to break into houses and be out innocently? walking to the shop to get milk when police viciously assault them with a baton. Of a lower social standing than romany gypsies. Generally white trash of belfast.

Most cars stolen in northern ireland are dumped or burnt out in west belfast
man goes out to find his car stolen from his driveway.

"those westies have been on the go"
"those westie bastards have nicked my motor"
by pc hammerhead November 05, 2009
A person who comes from West Auckland, New Zealand.
Characterised by their black jeans, old black Metallica, Harlet Davidson T-Shirts, Fisherman Ribbed Black jerseys and mullet haircuts. Often seen wearing Nomad shoes (from 1980's highschool genre)
Man that dude driving the rusty cortina with the fluffy dice is a real Westy.
by Undy Bumgrope June 26, 2004
another name for the venareal disease (gonnorhea) usually acquired from intercourse with dirty whores, symptoms include painful urination, and sharp pains in the urethra.
mike: "dude....i woke up this morning and it burned when i took a piss, i googled it...i think that girl gave me the westy"

steve: "probably...she has been ridden more than an elevator"
by captain outrageous July 20, 2010
the term used to describe a boy or man that lies or deceives girls or women to love them with a passion that is stronger than steel or iron. Then uses them for pleasure or sexual favours. In the end he dumps or "forgets" about the girl, causing her to be in emotional pain for a while. If confronted he will lie and say "we drifted" or "it was a joke". They will never be friends with any possible relationship ever.
I chucked a Westy, and i got so much off her. Then I dumped her and she was cut. But i dont mind i got what i wanted.
by lonelygirl13 February 14, 2010
A radical and otherwiswe totally awesome home on wheels of german manufacture. Has a pop top, stove and lots of soul
Hey bro, lets nail the reggae fest this weekend. It would be hella pimp if we could convince the missus to let us take your westy!
by jeff matthews August 29, 2007
A term describing a thing or an act as being very substandard.
Example 1

Guy1 - "This beeper keeps shutting off on it's own!"
Guy2 - "Dude, toss that WESTY beeper out and by a cell phone"

Example 2

"Traveling by Grayhound Bus?....WESTY!"

by Gary G December 01, 2005
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