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Westside Whiteboys straight outta South Central Nebraska. We don't put up with no ones shit. Expecially ( out of respect ) Mexicans. These bald headed Whiteboys will kick your ass and then be outta here. Been shot at have shot at and haved killed before. Westside Whiteboys all the way.
We don't like Mexicans. Expecially eastside ones. We are The Westside Whiteboys out of South Central Nebraska. Much love to the game loc.
by Westside Whiteboy April 21, 2011
A all White gang in Grand Island. We claim WSC while the second generation of G's claim WSGC. What's next? None of your business bitch. Westside Crips for LIFE. One of the original WSC gang here in Grand Island at 31 years old. Became a true member when I was 15. So fuckin' give me the respect I deserve. West-up! A Westside Whiteboy.
Who we gonna get next? A cholo claiming ESL 13? We'll see. We are Westside Whiteboys claiming WSC. Cash is the name of my game.
by A Westside Whiteboy April 13, 2011
A group of white males and females that have thier peoples back, Rival gang is the East Side Locos AKA ESL 13.
West Side Whiteboys, the sickest mother fuckers out there, CWB bitches, straight from the 308, watch out for those bald headed whiteboys.

Another east side bitch shot down by a whiteboy
by west side for life October 16, 2007
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